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Pack 30 Grease Cartridges IP Blue 600 gr + Free Lubricator

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30 Cartridges Professional Grease IP BLUSINT 600 gr + manual Lubricator Pack.

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Product Description

Promotional package composed by N° 30 Grease cartridges IP Professional BLUSINT 600 gr + manual Lubricator.



Stringy fat to semi-lithium complex of high performance, recommended for special lubricants, is smooth, shiny and is strongly adhesive. Thanks to the use in its formulation of synthetic nature of particular raw materials, it was possible to give the product a very high degree of water repellency and also for the exceptional adhesiveness of which equipped, it avoids the mechanical removal by fattened organs, also operating in plenty presence of water.


The properties are:

  • High resistance to water washout, in the presence of water, is still on site without altering its texture.
  • High EP characteristics and adhesiveness to metal surfaces that limit the leakage of the grease from the housings, due to the action of run-off, the loads and / or vibrations.
  • The excellent structural stability gives the product a high resistance to mechanical stresses and to strong loads.
  • High and effective protection against wear, corrosion, rust, increasing the service life of lubricated components.
  • Low Tendency to separate the oil.
  • Low coefficient of friction.
  • A long operating life.
  • Easily pumpable.


The IP BLUSINT for its composition is a multipurpose grease stringy and adhesive properties obtained through the use in its formulation of an advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, which means longer re-lubrication intervals, ensuring greater protection in use strict. It meets the requirements of lubrication of various industrial and automotive applications that operate in harsh conditions of pressure and high temperature.

The applications for which it is recommended are:

  • Lubrication of bearings, slides, pins, hinges, wire ropes of machinery used in the mining industry.
  • It’s recommended for lubrication of hydraulic hammers large.
  • It’s recommended for use on tripoidali and constant velocity joints of motor vehicles and off-road vehicles, trucks, agricultural vehicles and construction equipment.
  • In many applications on rolling bearings and general lubrication, in particular where it is required a high adhesiveness and to ensure a better protection in demanding use, as well as in all applications where it is necessary the use of a highly adhesive grease and tenacious.
  • For its quality, as described above, can solve many problems in the field of industrial lubrication. It can be used as an alternative fats containing molybdenum disulfide and / or graphite, when they are not welcome.

Use of recommended temperatures:

Min. – 20 ° C
Max. + 160 ° C

Application system:

  • Manual and / or pressure.

It is not recommended, mixing with different fat types that may exhibit mutual incompatibility and different rheological behavior.


Additional Information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions27 x 22 x 40 cm

600 gr