Bruno Group History

In 1977 was founded, in Grottaminarda (AV), the sole proprietorship Antonio Bruno.
It was a small company dedicated to the resale of spare parts, equipment and accessories for agricultural irrigation. The company’s expansion was immediate and constant. Indeed, after few years, the Bruno Antonio, became a reference point for the agricultural machinery sectors.

In 1984 was born the Bruno s.n.c, whose main purpose was to develop the market of harvesting machines and large agricultural machinery. Its expansion seemed to be so natural and spontaneous, thanks to the the progressive growth of technical and organization skills.

In 1992 was inaugurated the branch of Foggia.

In the 1994, the company was been chosen by the prestigious manufacturer John Deere to be its official dealer. At the same time, born the Bruno s.r.l. from another “rib” of Antonio Bruno, that produced generators sets and special equipment for the production and distribution of electrical energy.

From 2001 to 2005, Bruno s.r.l. acquired productive investment of MGE in the Bari’s “province”, the Tecnogen in Piacenza’s “province” and the WFM next to Modena. The success of this sector was so rapid and “exponential, that Bruno s.r.l. became the most important leader for national and international market, exporting over 70% of “turnover”.

In 2005, Bruno s.n.c. inaugurated a new branch in Eboli, next to Salerno.

In 2006, it opened a new spare parts store in Salerno’s “province”.

In 2007 was founded the used machine center division in Foggia.

In 2009 born a new store parts and service in Crotone’s “province”.

Today, after more than 30 years, the Bruno Group is a solid and affirmed company with a turnover of more than EUR 100 Million, employing about 100 workers and with a “floor area” of about 70.000 square meters, 95.000 meters outdoor and beyond 30.000 square meters of stored parts.