Benassi BL120KS

Motor Hoe Benassi BL120KS 10 Hp Diesel

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Motor Hoe Benassi BL105KD with Kipor 10 Hp engine and 90 cm rotor.

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Product Description

Benassi BL120KS


  • 4-speeds transmission (3 forward + 1 reverse).
  • Safety lever to reverse engagement.
  • Bi-disc dry clutch with manual control.
  • Two rear strength.
  • Handlebars adjustable in all positions.
  • Rotor guard.
  • Complete with 90 cm rotor and side discs.
  • Engine: Kipor KM186.
  • Fuel: Diesel.
  • Power: 10 Hp.

Kipor KM186 Engine:

The KM186 Kipor engines deliver outstanding performance over time.
Thanks to the gear conductor designed at the state of the art, the vibration and the noise are reduced to a minimum.

The Kipor KM186 engines, equipped with a precise injection pump and with a direct injection system, are capable of maintaining ideal levels in the fuel consumption. Also thanks to the perfect combustion of the fuel and the efficient air intake, meet the highest European emission standards (EPA). The muffler, with a high efficiency silencer, and the air filter help to maintain low noise levels.

Engine features:

  • Model: KM 186.
  • Bore × stroke: 86 × 70 mm.
  • Displacement: 0,406 L.
  • Rated power: 6.3 kW – 10 Hp.
  • Nominal speed: 3000 – 3600 rpm.
  • Lubrication system: Pressure.
  • Dimensions: 420 X 440 X 495 mm.
  • Dry Weight: 47 Kg.

Additional Information

Weight 210 kg
Dimensions 160 x 110 x 120 cm

7.8 CV

Larghezza Fresa

90 cm