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Agriplus SoilPlus 1Kg, 6Kg or 25Kg Fertilizer.

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Product Description


Soilplus is a formulation of calcium and carboxylic acids that enhances the development and root activity, contributes jointly with the absorption of nutrients, it promotes electrical conductivity, normalizes the PH and improves the connection between the different nutrients of the soil. In particular improves the absorption of calcium and macro and micro-elements.

Soilplus corrects and regulates the absorption of any organic substance, improves the water circulation, prevents the destruction of the aggregates and promotes the structural stability by protecting against soil salinity build.

Doses in use:

Use as bioactivator of 40-60 liters / hectare total roots (4-6 lt./1000m2). Divided into a series of applications every 7-15 days for the whole duration of the culture.

Use as a soil conditioner and to counter the excesses of salinity. In this case we suggest to follow the specific instructions of our Technical Service, however, as a general rule, apply 60-90 liters / hectare. Divided into a series of applications every 7-15 days for the whole duration of the culture.

Application Mode:

Soilplus applies because radical, with any irrigation system (drip, sprinkler, scroll, etc.) As well as it can be deployed on the ground with a bar or applied with pole injector by following an irrigation.

Soilplus can be blended in most pesticides, but it is recommended to make prior compatibility testing.


Do not mix with products containing phosphates or sulfates. In case of high salinity double the dose of the first treatment. The product is stable at normal temperatures and pressures. Store at temperatures between 4º C and 25º C. The product is not combustible.


Mixed solutions of calcium and magnesium salts, calcium oxide (CaO) water soluble 9% P / P;

Magnesium oxide (MgO) soluble in water 1% P / P.

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1 Kg, 25 Kg, 6 Kg