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Fertilizer KappaPlus Agriplus


Simple mineral fertilizer Kappa Plus by Agriplus.
Potassium Chloride Solution.

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Product Description

Simple mineral fertilizers:
Potassium chloride solution and Potassium Oxide (K2O) soluble in water 13% P / P.


Kappaplus is a fertilizer of carboxylic acids and Potassium that affects the production of sugars, regulates the estomatic activities, optimizes the photosynthetic activity and increases the Potassium assimilated by the root thus resulting in a greater resistance to stress of the plant. The product regulates the photosynthetic balance, osmotic perspiration and increases the absorption of water in the plant. Kappaplus improves the tissues of the plant protecting it from aging and putrescence even in post-harvest and promoting better consistency, elasticity and gloss of the final product is that of the leaves.


General Dose:
ALL CROPS: 2-4 liters / hectare (200-400 ml / hl of pesticide solution). Apply the product in the moments in which the plant has greater need to assimilate nutrients and water, especially during the stage of fruit growth, or in periods of cold and low light. During the growth of the fruits it will be applied from 2-4 times sinoì to the collection, making elapse 10-15 days between a treatment and the other.

Method of application:

Kappaplus apply foliar, diluted in plenty of water and bathing well the whole plant, especially the leaves closest to the fruits. Kappaplus can be blended with most pesticides, but it is recommended to make prior compatibility testing.

Before a possible mix with products containing copper, please contact our Technical Service.
To gather more:
The product is stable at normal temperatures and pressures. Store at temperatures between 4º C and 25º C.

The product is non-combustible.

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