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Fertilizer CalcioPlus Agriplus


Fertilizer Complexed with calcium oxide and carboxylic acids CalcioPlus Agriplus.

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Product Description

Fully useable Calcium
Manure Ce oxides of calcium chloride solution of Calcium (CaO) soluble in water 12.5% ​​P/P


Calcioplus is a product based on low molecular weight carboxylic acids particularly reactive, capable of binding any molecule within the plant tissue and lead it quickly and efficiently. Moreover, thanks to the presence of calcium, in addition to protecting from the attack of fungi and insects prevents physiological disorders in the leaves and fruits like: Blossom end root, Tip Burn, foliar damage, rot apical and blotching of the tomato, Splits of the peel on stone fruit and melon, curbs on the bract poinsettia. Bitter pit of pome. It gives elasticity to tissues making fruits and larger leaves.

In use dose:

VEGETABLE (tomato, pepper, melon, strawberry, lettuce, celery, zucchini, etc.). 200-400 ml / hl. of pesticide solution. Apply every 15 days from the middle of the vegetative growth (if leafy vegetables) or fruit set occurred of the first fruits (if horticultural fruit) until harvest.
FRUIT (stone fruit, pome fruit, citrus). 3-4 liters / hectare (at least 250 ml / hl). Perform 2 or 3 applications starting from the setting of the small fruits until harvest. On apple perform treatments every 15-20 days, up to two weeks before harvest.
FLORICULTURE (potted or severed) 400 ml / hl., By running a number of applications since the beginning of the culture every 12-15 days. Of Poinsettia treatments every 15 days to 300 ml / hl from the beginning of September until the end of November.

Method of application:

Calcioplus apply foliar, diluted in plenty of water and bathing well the plant, especially the fruits. Calcioplus can be blended in most pesticides, but it is recommended to make prior compatibility testing.

NOTE: Do not mix with trifluralin or products containing phosphates or sulfates. Before the next mix with products containing copper, please contact our Technical Service.

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