Bruno Generators @ World Trade Center in Dubai

Bruno Generators @ World Trade Center in Dubai

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Bruno Generators, a leader in the world market for the construction and design of compact generator sets, reliable and ultra-quiet, flies to Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) 1 to 3 March 2016 to expose its flagship products at the World Trade Center, on the occasion of the largest energy trade show in the world: the Middle East Electricity.

The event, dedicated to the display of technological and innovative solutions for the production of energy, will be accompanied by a conference chaired by the Minister of Energy of the UAE, the Minister of Electricity of Egypt, the Minister of Energy of Palestine and other notable names in the Middle Eastern energy field.

Bruno Generators therefore takes this opportunity to bring the product to the UAE. Specifically, it will present the new series of FUSTEQ generators, equipped with an innovative cooling system with VSI technology (variable speed inverter ) with electric radiator.

The new FUSTEQ generator sets are compact, reliable, ultra-quiet, designed to operate at temperatures >55 ° C, designed to ensure low noise levels, low fuel consumption and infrequent maintenance.


Furthermore, during the fair, Bruno Generators will show the new hydraulic lighthouse tower with LED technology.

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